A company like Capidema succeeds only because of our employees who are dedicated to their eve-ryday work in different roles.

We know that success is mainly based on competencies and motivation of each individual employee. Only those who enjoy what they are doing and identify themselves with their work can contribute towards the realization of our goals. That is the difference between a successful and a less successful company.

We work in supportive partnership based on the diversity of talents, knowledge and talents of our employees. In the processes involving buying, production, product development, marketing, logistics and controlling there are people with different competencies operating for our customers.


Career – actively participate in success!

Factor of success are based on qualified and committed employees. That is why Capidema is looking for people, who want to join in or participate in its future. However, we are not search-ing for overly theoretical “High Potentials”, but for people who can offer an interesting personality, an outstanding CV and practical intelligence, those who are focused and who are not afraid to break new grounds.

Current vacancies


Collegiate assistance in the field of marketing and product management Sales associate


Key Account Manager

Unsolicited Applications

Even if there aren´t any current vacancies listed on this site right now, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We are always interested in people with outstanding CVs and outstanding competencies.

Work Placements

Are you full of ideas? Don’t wait until graduation before putting them into action.

During a work placement at Capidema you will have the chance to contribute actively with your skill and knowledge in interesting projects and gain diversified experience. Your time spent with us will help you find out about your own strength and interests.


  1. Minimum of 3 months
  2. Practical experience
  3. Initiative and good apprehension
  4. Good knowledge of MS-Office
  5. Fluent German in speaking and writing as well as good English

There is no deadline as we offer placements throughout the year. However, the application process will take around 6-8 weeks. Please, take that into consideration before applying.

Please, send us an e-mail with your application and following documents:

  1. Covering letter
  2. CV
  3. Photo
  4. Diplomas